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What is colloidal silver good for?

We are not medical doctors, and so we cannot say that it is good for anything. We have seen claims that colloidal silver is effective against the common cold, flu, Ebola, and 647 other things. We don't know and are not recommending that anyone use it to cure or prevent any condition. However, we can say from personal experience that it works for us against an upset stomach, runny nose, topical eye issues, ears aches, acne, and we have demonstrated that it's effective in preventing the growth on gelatin of the 'junk' that's in the air. Whether or not the in vitro ("test tube") effectiveness translates into in vivo (in the body), we cannot say but will let you draw your own conclusions.

To demonstrate the gelatin for yourself: mix a package according to the manufacturer's instructions. In one bowl, place a tablespoonful (TBLSP) of colloidal silver (CS), and in the other bowl a TBLSP of room-temp tap water. Divide the hot gelatin between the two bowls and mix each well. Allow to cool uncovered, and then leave both uncovered in a dark place for a week. The CS bowl will be 'clean', while the non-CS bowl will be 'yucky'.

11/29/2015 -- One of our people says: "I had a dental antibiotic treatment (expensive) a few months back, and they were thinking that it may take two treatments. I just bought a WaterPik, and the instructions included how to use one of the tips to apply anti-bacterial or other solutions to the pockets around the teeth. I applied 30 PPM CS, and will repeat every week or two." Will it work? We shall see...

1/7/2016 -- just used it on a self-diagnosed sinus infection (right side of nose and under eye SORE and getting SORER...too sore to sleep, orange boogers). Flooded nose with 10 PPM CS and forced into sinus cavities several time a day for two days. No more pain, orange boogers GONE. We think it worked...

Is colloidal silver safe to use?

To use where? For what? We are not medical doctors, and so we cannot say that it is safe (or not safe) anywhere on or in the human body, and are not recommending that anyone use it to cure or prevent any condition. . Some web sites and our own personal experience lead us to believe that if you are going to use it in your body for an extended period of time that you ought to also be taking a pro-biotic.

How long does it take to make a batch of colloidal silver?

That depends on how much you wish to make, the desired concentration you want the solution to be, the amount of current you want to use, and whether or not you use a catalyst. The more you want to make, the longer it will take. The more concentrated you want the solution to be, the longer it will take to make it. The more current you use, the shorter will be the time. Not using a catalyst will take longer, and determining the concentration will be more difficult because the current will not be constant. So, let's assume you will use a catalyst...

To make 16 oz. (1 pint, 450 ml) with a concentration of 10 parts per million (PPM) silver to water using a current of 5 milliamps (mA) will require approximately 13 minutes. To make 1 gallon (128 oz., 3.6 L) will require 128/16=8 times longer, or 104 minutes (1 hour, 44 minutes). To make 1 gallon of 20 PPM will require an additional 20/10=2 times longer, or a total of 208 minutes (3 hours, 28 minutes). If you double the current to 10 mA, the amount of time required will drop back to 104 minutes.

Why would I use a catalyst to make colloidal silver?

You would use a catalyst to speed up the process and to make determination of concentration of silver to water easier. If you do not use a catalyst, current flow will start off very small and increase over time as silver is deposited into solution. With a catalyst, current flow is at maximum from the start. The increase in current flow...and thus the increase in concentration, which is related to current non-linear, meaning that as more silver goes into solution, the rate of increase in current increases. Eventually, current flow will reach the "Max. Current" setting and then remain constant, and the concentration of silver will then increase linearly, meaning that when the current is constant, if it takes 10 minutes to go up by 1 part per million (PPM), it will take 10 more minutes to go up another 1 PPM.

What should I use as a catalyst in making colloidal silver?

We recommend using baking soda. Do not use baking powder or any kind of salt.

How much catalyst do I need for making colloidal silver?

Just a 'pinch' about the size of a grain of rice for making 16 oz. (1 pint, 450 ml).

Can I use tap or bottled water to make colloidal silver?

We recommend using only distilled water, because with distilled water, we know that it contains nothing but...water. Do you know what's in your tap or bottled water that might compromise the quality of the colloidal silver made with it? We don't either...

How long will a batch of colloidal silver last?

At least a month if stored in a dark place. Silver is reactive to light.