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Do You Want To Safeguard Your Health Thru Plague And Pestilence?

Make Your Own High-Quality Colloidal Silver For Just Pennies An Ounce!

NPR - May 26, 2016: Germ Resistant To Antibiotic Of Last Resort Appears In U.S.

Preppers, practitioners of Permaculture, health enthusiasts, backwoods vacationers, first-aid kit builders, anyone looking for an alternative to the usual over-the-counter and prescription drugs...

SILVER - known and used for ages: [disclaimer]

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The DEK Silver CC‑S


Starting at only US$119.95! 

Preparing To Make A batch...
Picture of preparation
Picture of DEK Silver CC-S Process Underway! Picture of processing

The DEK Silver CC‑S is a precision electronic instrument which will allow you to consistently and easily produce fine colloidal silver—a broad-spectrum antibiotic known and used for ages—for much cheaper than you can buy it pre-made. The DEK Silver CC‑S will pay for itself in savings in short order. Since it can operate from a wide variety of power sources (utility, battery, auto/boat/RV DC‑to‑AC inverter, and solar), it can be used anywhere you decide to travel for business or recreation—and it may become indispensable if you are faced with a prolonged interruption in utility-provided electricity or 'civilized' medicine that might result from acts of Nature, or acts or accidents of man. As such, a DEK Silver CC‑S would be a prudent addition to your family's emergency preparedness plan.

To Learn More About Colloidal Silver...
There are many good web sites for you to view if you have come upon our web page and do not have a clue as to what colloidal silver is. Check out these links and then come back here to purchase for yourself the best colloidal silver generators available at any price:
An excellent write-up on the history, description, benefits, and use of colloidal silver.
Natural Society
Another good write-up.
You can even buy a bottle from Walgreens!
WebMD is somewhat of a nay-sayer on colloidal silver, but they still have a good write-up on it. To withhold information is as bad as [the government] telling you that you can't have something that YOU think is good for you—YOU decide...

A Brief History of the DEK Silver CC‑S...
We made our first colloidal silver generator back in the late 1990's. Our first circuitry consisted of a transformer, switch, bridge, and cap, to get 28 volts DC from either 110 or 220 volts AC (sent one back with a missionary to Africa) and current-limited by a 10K resistor, which capped current flow at about 3mA (milliamps). Since then, we continued to educate ourselves and refine the circuitry. We developed most of the circuitry inside the DEK Silver CC‑S by 2005, and have produced many batches of fine colloidal silver for ourselves and friends since then. Below is a picture we had taken of it as it existed back in 2007:

Picture of prototype from 2007

Back in mid-September of 2014, we were moved by concerns over possible disruptions to society and decided to "go solar" with it and see if we could offer it for sale. A few days after we started on the prototype for the solar panel, Ebola came to the US. Coincidence?

More about the DEK Silver CC‑S...
Like other better devices being offered for sale, the DEK Silver CC‑S also uses constant-current circuitry to limit the amount of current allowed to flow across the electrodes to limit the size of silver particles deposited into solution. Small (nano-sized) particles are required for two reasons: First, the smaller the particle size, the more of them there are per unit of solution. Fifteen 1 micro-gram particles of silver sitting in one gram of water equates to 15 parts per million (PPM), as does 15 billion one-billionth micro-gram particles. Second, if the particle size is too large, your body sees them as a poisonous "heavy metal"[disclaimer]. The cheaper devices offered for sale either have no current-limiting feature or will use a single fixed-value resistor to limit current flow to an amount which may or may not be useful to you. And, even with a current-limiting resistor, you will need a voltmeter or an ammeter to determine the concentration of silver.

Why Choose A DEK Silver CC‑S?
HOWEVER—the circuitry of the DEK Silver CC‑S is designed around the nuances of running on solar, including under- and over-voltage warning and shut-down circuitry. But, this just means that it can be used with any power source which is able to supply 50mA (milliamps) at 11 to 40 volts DC (any polarity) or approximately 8 to 24 volts AC to a 2.1x5.5 mm barrel plug. (The input voltage gets converted to the correct-polarity DC by the DEK Silver CC‑S. And, no-damage shutdown is limited to 30VAC / 48VDC.) You may thus purchase the DEK Silver CC‑S by itself and use it with any power source you already have that meets the preceding requirements. Or, you may also purchase one or more of our compatibility-tested power supplies listed in the order form below.

The obvious which sets the DEK Silver CC‑S apart from its competition are the green and yellow LEDs which allow you to visually track both voltage and current on the electrodes to see that they are being properly adjusted per the increasing concentration of silver. When making catalyst-free solution, the current LEDs allow you to calculate the instantaneous (current vs. time) concentration of silver as the current rises to your user-set maximum (after which it remains constant).

The DEK Silver CC‑S also handles a variable voltage from the power source. While the voltage at the house mains (from your local power company) is normally pretty constant, the same is not true when using solar cells or batteries. The voltage generated by solar cells rises and falls as clouds pass by the sun and as the sun makes its way across the sky. The voltage from a set of batteries continually drops as the batteries get used up. The DEK Silver CC‑S includes an "Operating Voltage" control to allow you to set a voltage to use that will be below the fluctuations. While a constant operating voltage is not absolutely necessary to produce the finest colloidal silver, a constant operating voltage allows for a constant current (after it reaches the user-set maximum), which makes determination of the instantaneous concentration much easier. When combined with the voltage/current LED display, the "Operating Voltage" control allows control of the process to your exact specifications and needs because you can limit the voltage as well as the current passing through the electrodes.

The DEK Silver CC‑S does not automatically shut off as is advertised for some other devices on the market. Judging by what is presented in our competition's web pages, we are not at all certain as to what these devices actually do per shutting down. What they show does not seem to offer a sufficient user interface to allow much control. We here at DEK, if we decide to produce a device which includes auto-shutdown, will include a user interface which offers the level of control and feedback evident in our DEK Silver CC‑S.

Read the DEK Silver CC‑S User Guide:
If you would like to peruse the instruction manual which comes with each DEK Silver CC‑S, please click on the following link (you'll need to have the Adobe PDF Reader): User_Guide.pdf.

Order YOUR DEK Silver CC‑S NOW!

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Picture of DEK CC-S


#100 - DEK Silver CC-S - $119.95
Purchase a DEK Silver CC‑S to use with your own power supply, silver rods, and other needed equipment. Instructions included.


-- Picture of DEK CC-S starter kit


#101 - DEK Silver CC-S Starter Kit - $144.95
Save by purchasing our Starter Kit...which includes everything you need to start making your own high-quality colloidal silver at home:
   (1) DEK Silver CC‑S
   (1) Utility (120V) Power Adapter
   (1) 16oz./500ml production jar -- select lid color when adding to cart
   (2) Electrodes made from 99.9% pure ("three nines") silver
   (1) Electrode scouring pad

If purchased separately, the above items would be priced at $160.

Choose Jar Lid Color:


-- Picture of DEK CC-S Off-Grid kit


#102 - DEK Silver CC-S Off-Grid Kit - $169.95
Save even more by purchasing our Off-Grid Kit...which includes everything you need to make your high-quality colloidal silver ANYWHERE:
   (1) DEK Silver CC‑S
   (1) Utility (120V) Power Adapter
   (1) 9V battery cable (batteries not included)
   (1) 12VDC - 120VAC Inverter
   (1) 16oz./500ml production jar -- select lid color when adding to cart
   (2) Electrodes made from 99.9% pure ("three nines") silver
   (1) Electrode scouring pad

If purchased separately, the above items would be priced at $195.

Choose Jar Lid Color:


Picture of Utility (120V) Power Adapter


#103 - Utility (120V) Power Adapter - $15.95
You'll always be able to run at or close to the highest allowable input voltage, which is required if you wish to produce catalyst-free colloidal silver in the shortest possible time.


Picture of 9V battery cable


#104 - 9V Battery Cable - $15.95
The cable is used to connect four 9V batteries (not included) in series. You'll be using a nominal 36 volts DC on a fresh set of four 9V alkaline batteries. The actual initial voltage from a fresh set of batteries will be closer to 38.5V, which is just a volt or so shy of the output of the 24VAC Utility Power Supply. As stated previously, the voltage delivered by a set of batteries drops with use. Although we recommend replacing or recharging the batteries when their combined voltage drops below 21 volts (about 10 hours running time on 'cheap' batteries), you may run the batteries down to as low as you wish (as long as the blue "Power" LED on your DEK Silver CC‑S stays lit).


Picture of 12V Inverter


#105 - 12VDC - 120VAC Inverter - $19.95
The 12V Inverter is used to power the DEK Silver CC‑S from your auto/boat/RV 12V accessory socket. (You'll also need our Utility (120V) Power Adapter or other compatible "wall outlet" power supply.) The Inverter is rated to output 120 volts AC, but the actual voltage will depend on your vehicle's battery health and whether or not the engine is running. Our testing showed that the 12V Inverter and our Utility (120V) Power Adapter with the engine off delivered a shaky 30V into the DEK Silver CC‑S, and a solid 33V with the engine running (about the same as when running off "wall power".). The car's battery was delivering a bit under 13V -- a bit low.


-- Picture of production jars


#106 - 16oz./500ml Production Jar - $12.95
This 16oz./500ml plastic jar comes with a lid modified to include electrode holders and a stirrer. The silver rods (electrodes, not included) are held securely by two alligator clips, which may be moved to adjust the distance between the rods to adjust the current flow. The built-in stirrer allows for the solution to be stirred during production without having to open the jar.

Jars are clear with either red, green, or blue lids.

Choose Jar Lid Color:


-- Picture of plain jars


#107 - 16oz./500ml Plain Jar - $2.95
This 16oz./500ml plastic jar is the production jar without modifications.

Choose Jar Lid Color:


Picture of silver rods


#108 - Set of Two (2) Silver Rods (Electrodes) - $9.95
Two (2) silver rods of 99.9% ("three nines") purity. Each rod is approximately (in inches) 3.5 long X 1/4 wide X 0.013 thick (28 ga.).


-- Picture of prototype solar panel


#109 - Solar Panel - $not-yet-set
Our solar panel contains six solar cells which will supply a nominal 8.64 watts (1200ma @ 7.2V to 200mA @ 43.2V), making it also useful for charging cellphone and similar batteries, 12V lead-acid (car/boat/RV) batteries, and more. The pace of innovation in increasing efficiency and lowering costs of solar cells has out-paced our ability to keep up and offer you a good product at a competitive price. We therefor suggest that you purchase a solar power system to meet all your needs and use our #105 - 12VDC - 120VAC Inverter to power your DEK Silver CC‑S. The photo is of our working prototype. (This is not a promise by DEK to produce a solar panel at any time in the future.)


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